Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Intern ends counting down in 3 more months.
Sadly say, that time i dropped tears as because everyone start to leave.
I hate goodbye. Truly really, i hate goodbye.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey people, how have you been ? It's been a long time (again) i never posted anything in my blog.
I have started doing my internship as PARK SERVICES.
Okay, so my job scope is : Sweeping and TCC. Even people think that is suck and actually me too, But people there in PS are very fun. They are just like a 2nd family of mine. They take care of me, make fun of me, we play, we laugh, we eat together, almost spend all time together when working.
Compare to my other friends, even their job is related to our school and mine is not, but the environment of working is different. Mine is relaxing, playful and cheerful.
I dont really that mind to do such thing, and at least i can put down myself to do things.
Still have 5 months ahead, hope it will go smoothly !

Gambatte deff ! <3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love that happens in short time = CRUSH

Crushing of that person is truly only the temporary feeling of mine.
He makes me galau too much till makes me sick of it.
He makes me feel that he is not brave enough to face his own feeling.
He never be able to make me sure about what is truly serious from his heart.
He makes me think that he is GAY.
And when i see him today. He is still the old him, that dum-stupid face and action.
Still, he makes me confuse.
Honesty, i miss him.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Past tense

I'm reading my blog that i'm writing to my ex boyfie,
I'm so sad that we can't be together, but at least, i don't love him as much as i did before
Congratulation def <3

Love story !

Honesty to each other is reqired in an realtionship, whether is a friend, bestfriend or boyfie girlfie.

For this past August, i think i fell in love to one guy just name him as M.
M is a chinese dancer study the same school as me.
We are so close together, and i know he treat every girl the same.
He lives only across my apartment and we always go home together after rehearsal.
And i admit that i'm a girl that always think too much about relationship from a boy to a girl.
He's too sweet to me. When i was sick, he brought me to the clinic, he reminded me to eat my medicine, he woke me up from my nap, brought me every medicine that he has in his house, he gave me his shirt when i said i'm so cold. I know he will do this to every girl-friend that he has. but still, i'm melting.

And someday, i told my true feeling to one of my senior, just said she is F.
F is a senior of mine and friend of M. and She is indonesian.
She told me about her feeling to one guy, and i told her mine as well.
and i told her that i have feeling with F, because he is too sweet.
And i don't know what happen, at the night, they chat to each other and F let him know that someone likes him, and M is super curious and call me directly. I dont know why, and maybe he can feel that i like him ?
Whatever, and he told in the phone that HE LIKES ME, because i'm different with other girls and i always bring laugh to people. That touched me. Really. But i never told him anything i just always post random status which i think i'm super stupid to attract his attention from facebook.

I decided to ask him what did he mean by LIKE ? like as friend or like as a girl.
Monday night when we are heading home after movie with Feli, Celi, Anuj, Chris, and Manolo, i put down every single of my shyness and ask him this question. Before, he said he would answer everything STRAIGHTFORWARDLY. but when i asked him, he HESITATE. Okay, that is dissapointed for me, and it shows that he just LIKES me as a FRIEND, not more. I'm the one who think too much of everything. After that we decided not to go home, and go for a walk, and we stay until 6am in the morning without going home. We talked about everything, about our exs, our family, our everything, I've been honest to him about my feeling, and we decide to be COOL as friend. Yes, even the end he answered that he likes me as a girl, but we can't go for further steps, and we decided to be FRIEND that is COOL ! We are not awkward at all to each other, maybe yes sometimes, but then we are bestfriend that understand each other more deeply. And i found that is super nice ! He can talk to me about everything, he is asking about my opinion about his problems, anything, And i love this relationship. We care and talked as buddy, even sometimes i feel i'm so useless and bad because i keep my feelling to him, and always pretend that we are cool. I'm so sorry, maybe this is only my temporary feeling, just let time solve it.

Adios <3

This life is interesting !

Hi all, I'm back ! :D
It's been a busy August for me ! As i mention in previous blog, i have been busy for my Project, Musical, Interview and Exam !!

MUSICAL : I was crying like crazy after finish everything, that because i'm so sad to leaving those crazy fellows in club, on the other hand i'm happy bacause we have done a good job ! I hugged every members of them and i feel i'm leaving them for the next 6 months, and i will definitely miss them ! <3

INTERVIEW : I went for interview with Yvonne, one of my classmate, to the 213 Pandan Gardens located in Jurong west, and it takes me 1 and half hours to go there. And i get accepted in the UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPOREEEEEEE as Park Operations ! It sound like very fun working there and i'm so excited before start workingg ! Yeyyy !

EXAM : 2 Exams in this term sucks. it's my fault because i didn't study ! I hopee i can get Bs for my exam and i'll be so happy. I'm not hoping any A or A+, at least i pass or get Bs ! Amen ! Let's see the result out later on, and decide how is my fate then ! LOL

Today is my victory day and finish everything ! now it's time for holiday ! :D

Next blog topic : LOVE <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The busiest term !

Heloooooooooooo :D
I think it's almost 2 more months i havent post anything in.

I've been busy for preparing our campus performance "EASB Musical" which we put alot of effort in practicing it. We practice 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7pm till end.
But in the performing arts club, i knew a lot of fun people like Manolo, Max, Feli, Celi, and others. They are also super crazy and funny. Manolo - Philipino - Stupid faces - Funny, Max - Chinese - Autis - Weird. Feli,Celi - Indonesian - Damn lebay - crazy. PEACE :P

This term is my busiest term ever. Assignment all over the place, practice for performance for a whole month, classes and training till die. Okay, a lil bit too much :D I started my training class 2 weeks ago and it is not fun at all. boring and sleepy. and now, they asking us to start to prepare our CV for our internship later, and i haven't start anything. *stressssssssssssss*

I moved from my old HDB which i live with my Batamnese relatives and friends. I moved with my super duper sexy roomate, Mellika Klara Dewi, who is very crazy and funny ! :D In that house, there are a lot of unexpected housemates from different part of Indonesia. But all of them are very fun and also crazy !

Still have a lot of things happen, but i can't talk every single detail here. But life is interesting ! <3